Get More Google Reviews

with Poll-Lite NFC Cards

Boost sales, increase visibility, visitation and client satisfaction

Get 5-star reviews on Google from your customers in 3 seconds

Easy to review

Tap the card to the phone and get redirected to Google Review Form

Boost sales

Get higher ranking among competitors

Filter negative reviews

Add survey questions to filter only satisfied customers

Know more

View weekly and monthly reports on a dashboard

Buy once - use forever

Unlimited reviews

Instant Google review cards

Select your offer:

1 Instant Google review card + FREE SHIPPING

38 USD

3 Instant Google review cards + FREE SHIPPING

65 USD

5 Instant Google review cards + FREE SHIPPING

85 USD

7 Instant Google review cards + FREE SHIPPING

100 USD

10 Instant Google review cards + FREE SHIPPING

120 USD

20 Instant Google review cards + FREE SHIPPING

170 USD


Not happy with your new Instant Google review card? Send it back and we will refund in full


Over 100K Instand Google review cards sold worldwide already and counting

How it works?

NFC technology

Just tap your Instant Google review card

on your’s client smartphone

QR code backup

If NFC tap doesn’t work, client can scan QR code

on the other side of the card

Google review

Your client will instantly be directed to your

Business feedback page

Rank =)

Achieve higher ranking and

beat your competitors

Collect reviews quickly

Improve your local referencing

Increase your legitimacy

Us vs Them


For Small Business

High Quality NFC chip

Unique QR code

Update/Change link any time

Add survey questions (YES/NO)

Unlimited usage

Live analytics dashboard

Customer service


Instant Google review card


card providers

Frequently Asked Questions

How many reviews can I collect with Instant Google review card?

There is no limit to the number of collected reviews.

Can I change a link of Instant Google review card for my location?

Yes, you can change your location and survey questions any time and free of any charge.

Are Instant Google review cards compatible with all smartphones?

YES, 90% of smartphones in circulation support NFC technology, and 100% of smartphones for sure can scan QR codes. 

Do my customers need to have a Google account to write a review?

Yes, to provide a review of your business customers should have a registered google account. More than 90% of smartphone users possess a Google account through Youtube, Gmail, Google Maps etc.

How long will Instant Google review card work?

There is no expiration for our cards. Once you obtain your card it will remain valid unless it was damaged or lost.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Depends on your location. Average order has been delivered within 7 days.

Still have questions or need help? 

Contact us: [email protected] / [email protected] 


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