Create seamless modern survey in several seconds with the power of AI

Type your survey goal and let Poll-lite AI made the rest for you

Time matters

A quick and easy way of client survey without any distraction that can be done in less than 1 minute

NFC stickers and QR codes

NFC stickers, cards, badges or trinkets can be printed or carried by the personnel

Swiping web application

Customers swipe to answer Yes or No to your question on their phones

Online dashboard to view insights

View and filter your customers answers for interesting insights. Measure your NPS per locations, period or even demographics

Light, seamless and anonymous

For Your Customers


  • Easy and interactive way to leave a feedback
  • No personal data required
  • No distractions, answer on the go
  • Memorable experience with NFC and swiping

Insights beyond answers

For You


  • Collect feedback offline and online
  • 95% of completion rate
  • Create and change your questions online
  • Online dashboard with analytics, NPS and audience insights
  • AI generated questions and curation based on time to response and audience behaviour

 Collecting and analysing your consumers feedback has never been that easy

Complete, fully self-serviced and robust platform to generate and design custom surveys and polls with AI support.

The Fastest Growing Survey 

Tool on Market

Responses collected every day

Happy customers around the world


Customers stay with us after Trial

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