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Instant Google review NFC cards 

Poll-lite Instant Google review cards empower you to gather in one click an infinite number of reviews, ensuring that your online reputation knows no bounds.

NFC business cards (plastic / paper)

Usual paper business cards are very old-fashion today. NFC electronic chips bring renaissance to this business accessory. With simple touch by phone it allows to open contact details straight on the screen of your counterpart and save it in one click.

Work performance evaluation tool

The only way to stay on top of service quality is eternaly check the performance of your employees with Poll-lite survey tool. People like answer questions in Poll-lite because it is easy and fast. On another hand, you will be able to see real-time work performance of all stuff.

Customer feedback collection 

Poll-lite service quality engagement tool has been so successful  because it is 100% anonymous for customers and is very simple and quick to complete. Design of the survey allow achieve 98% completion rate. 

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