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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try it for Free?

Yes, we give a Free trial for 30 days or until you collect 50 responses.

What features are included in a Free Trial?

Most of the Basic plan features are included, however you won’t be able to add an incentive link to a Thank You page of your survey.

What do I need to start?

Start from a signup and our onboarding tour. If you don’t know what to ask your customers in a survey, don’t worry, we have an AI to support you on this, by advising you the most relevant questions. You would also need your company’s logo and some images to give your survey a unique view. No credit card is needed for a Trial.

How is my data secured?

Your data is safe and stored in Google Cloud. The responses we collect are anonymous and our service is GDPR compliant. Read our privacy policy for more information.

Where can I get NFC stickers?

We can design, print and ship you our NFC stickers. NFC stickers are available for annual plans only.

Instead of a credit card, can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes, we can issue an invoice to you and you can pay by wire transfer. However, this is only available for annual subscription plans.

Is there a limit to the number of responses I can collect?

Each plan has its number of responses per month that you can view. For example, if your plan has 250 responses per month, it means that you can view only 250 responses collected in this month. The system will show you how many responses you have collected so far. You can always upgrade your responses/month limit by adding another plan.

Do I get a discount if I pay yearly instead of monthly?

Yes, you do. You will get a 20% discount for your plan.

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Start Free Month Trial

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